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Main » 2010 » January » 17 » Dmitry Grischuk: Fight with scholasticism or how to win over religion
Dmitry Grischuk: Fight with scholasticism or how to win over religion

To tell you the truth, I don’t always want go to the orphanage. Sometimes it happens that all of the sudden I am longing to go home, to my family, to its warmth. All of the sudden I begin to have these thoughts about the importance of spending time with the family and of the importance of spending time with my child. And then clearly human’s so well known and even so dear laziness. In other words it becomes obvious that the Deceiver with all of his power wants to still my desire to serve the Lord and His children. And then all those religious thoughts come along like "it’s not my gift”, "without faith”, "it’s not mine calling”, "you will always have poor among you”, "not by work but through grace”. And so you have a whole set of religious scholastic which has in his head "Quotes from the Bible”, sleepy and sad eyes but in his mind his is sure that the right decision is being made, that walks on the right path. What we would call a Pha-ri-see, and doesn’t matter how many times we have used this word ourselves. I look and think: there is everything – people coming, knowledge and confidence that everything is not yours, except for the things you need; and you need to prepare a sermon for Sunday.  Oh! That is how I am going to spend my time! I should stay home and read. Commentaries, interpretations, Bible... snorrrrrrre...

You cannot tell in words when you are tired, cold, from across the world in the dark going home and inside of you is peace, calmness and joy. You had been there with Jesus you had prayed with them, you had blessed them. You had brought Jesus to them. You had brought them Life. The religion had lost because religion is self deception of saving yourself through self-righteousness, self-knowledge. And you go on the bus 50km away from your home and rejoice that you had lived one more day not in vain.

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